With the horns of a mythic battle ram and the weight of a massive warhammer, Thorgrim welcomes the challenge of each new battle on his journey to Valhalla.

  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Primary Attack - Heavy overhead attack.
  • Armor Up - Grants temporary invincibility, while knocking back any opponent who attacks. 10 sec CD
  • Rib Splitter - Spinning attack which knocks back opponents and projectiles. 6 sec CD
  • Ram's Head - Quick, lunging attack where Thorgrim flips an opponent up and over his head. 9 sec CD
  • Ragnarok - Power area of effect attack, which deals damage and launches any nearby opponents in range. 20 sec CD


  • Ragnarok the House - Level 2 - 15 bonus Armor for each opponent hit by Ragnarok for 10 seconds
  • Throwgrim - Level 3 - Refresh cooldown for Ram's Head after using it to throw an opponent off of the level
  • 2nd Wind - Level 4 - Regen 35 Health per second for 5 seconds after getting a kill or assist
  • Spinning and Winning - Level 5 - Reduce the cooldown for all other abilities by 1.5 seconds for each opponent hit by Ribsplitter


  • Demolition Hammer - Creates shockwaves that knocks away nearby enemies and damages all buildables.
  • Wall - Sturdy, defensive buildable used to block or reinforce positions


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