Quick on the draw and smooth on the trigger, Rawlins seeks more than victory. He aims for justice; delivered with righteous fire from his devastating twin cannons - Law and Order.

  • Difficulty: Medium


  • Primary Attack - Two quick pistol shots. Rawlins can move while firing. 
  • Double Down - Defensive roll with a short cooldown timer and two charges. 7 sec CD
  • Power Shot - A strong double shot which deals good damage and knockback. 8 sec CD
  • Slide Shot - Quick, short ranged slide, which launches and opponent into the air and allows for follow-up. 18 sec CD
  • Blazing Barrage - Rawlins pulls out both pistols, standing in place, and unleashes a rapid-fire hail of bullets. 25s CD


  • Rolling Thunder - Level 2 - 25 bonus AD for 5 seconds after using Double Down
  • Gold Rush - Level 3 - Gain bonus gold for consecutive hits with Blazing Barrage. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.
  • Dead To Rights - Level 4 - 15 bonus Armor Penetration for 10 seconds after hitting an opponent with Power Shot
  • Trick Shot - Level 5 - 40 bonus AD vs an airborne opponent hit by Slide Shot


  • Barrel Dispenser - A dispenser which rolls out explosive barrels in a straight line
  • Jail - Opponent that makes contact with the Jail is locked up and must break the jail to break free


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