There are none more wicked than the vile sorceress, Morgan Le Fay. With a heart as black as a raven’s wings, she wields her twisted gifts to overwhelm any who oppose her quest for power.


  • Primary Attack - Projectile that deals damage and reduces opponents armor for a short period of time
  • Flock - Morgan Le Fay becomes intangible and can fly horizontally for a short period of time. 10 sec CD
  • Burden of Sin - A projectile which passes through multiple opponents dealing damage and slowing them. 10 sec CD
  • Circle of Spite - Places a cursed hex on the ground, slowing an opponent within and increasing the damage they take by 35%. 15 sec CD
  • Aura of Silence - Damages and silences all nearby enemies, preventing them from using their abilities for 5 seconds. 25 sec CD


  • Essence Drain - Level 2 - Regen 30 Health per second for each opponent affected by slow
  • Silent Retreat - Level 3 - Grants 1 m/w bonus Movement Speed for each opponent silenced by Aura of Silence
  • Unkindness of Ravens - Level 4 - Hitting a Relic running with Burden of Sin instantly refreshes it's cooldown
  • Invigorated Spite - Level 5 - Primary Attacks vs an opponent within Circle of Spite reduces cooldowns of all other abilities by 1.5 seconds per hit


  • Elder Stone - Accumulates energy as nearby characters take damage and triggers and explosion after sufficiently charged
  • Tome of Frailty - Targets the nearest enemy and reduces their attack strength until they move out of range


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