Conjured from the deepest pit, the Black Knight is an unstoppable mountain of tormented, angry steel. With armor forged in hellfire and a mighty battle-axe said to feast upon the souls of his enemies, the Black Knight’s only purpose is destruction.

  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Primary Attack - Wide sweeping attack that is capable of hitting multiple opponents
  • Unforgiven - Grants a temporary armor boost and triggers an explosion after a brief period of time. 10 sec CD
  • Devastation - A very heavy overhead attack that deals great damage and causes knockback. 14 sec CD
  • Cruel Summons - A quick, forward lunging attack, which pulls an opponent in. 10 sec CD
  • Walk of Iron - Creates an area of thorns on the ground and pulls them in. Damaging and pulling opponents towards him. 25 sec CD


  • Death Dealer - Level 2 - Defeating an opponent with Devastation reduces all other cooldowns by 5 seconds
  • Executioner - Level 3 - Reduce cooldown on Devastation by 1s for each opponent hit by Walk of Iron
  • Soul Absorb - Level 4 - Regen 25 Health per second, for 5 seconds for each opponent hit by Unforgiven. 
  • No Escape - Level 5 - Instantly refresh cooldown for Cruel Summons when it hits a Relic runner. 


  •  Siege Engine - Once placed, moves forward in aa line, dealing heavy damage to any buildables in it's path
  • Spike Trap - Floor Trap, triggered in a rhythm which damages and knocks back any opponent struck


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