Anne Bonny’s thirst for fortune and fame is matched only by her joy in crushing her rivals. Few warriors can match her daring and none are more skilled with pistols and powder.

  • Difficulty: Hard


  • Primary Attack - Single shot from her rifle
  • Dodge Roll - A short range defensive dodge. Anne Bonny is immune to attacks during the dodge. 
  • Sniper Shot - Very quick and long range shot which deals good damage and knockback
  • Musket Jump - Shoots the ground at her feet, launching her into the air while knocking back nearby opponents
  • Hull Buster - A powerful cannon blast which deals damage and knocks back all opponents in it's path


  • Dead Eye - Level 2 - Defeating an opponent with Sniper Shot reduces it's cooldown by 4 seconds
  • Full Boar - Level 3 - Increased damamge for each consecutive opponent hit with a single Hullbuster. 50% increase per opponent.
  • Snap Shot - Level 4 - 30 bonus AD for 5 seconds after performing a Defensive Ability.
  • Repeat Offender - Level 5 - Consecutive hits with Primary Attack deals bonus damage 0, 10, 20, 30, 40. Missing resets the counter.


  • Trampoline - Launches characters high into the air, allowing them to jump over obstacles
  • Ballista - Fires projectiles at nearby opponents. Cannot target opponents at close range


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