Alona, the last Sun Priestess, wields the power of the sun for strength and healing. Her mighty Sun Staff channels solar rays, harnessing their purifying light to protect those in need.

  • Difficulty: Medium


  • Primary Attack - An orb of energy which files forward toward the reticule
  • Sun's Grace - A quick, short ranged teleport. Alona is invulnerable during transition. 10 sec CD
  • Radiance - Targets a nearby teammate and heals them over time while they're within range. 6 sec CD
  • Sunburst - An explosion of energy which damages and knocks back any opponent within range. 20 sec CD
  • Blessings of the Sun - Powerful area of effect heal which affects all teammates within range (including herself). 20 sec CD


  • Touched By The Light - Level 2 - Self Heal for 40% of healing done with Radiance
  • Healing Tax - Level 3 - 20% of all healing is returned as gold
  • Pious Protection - Level 4 - 12 pts of bonus Armor given for each teammate healed by Blessing of the Sun for 10 seconds.
  • Speed of Light - Level 5 - Bonus 2 m/s Movement Speed after hitting an opponent with Sunburst for 10 seconds


  • Sun Shrine - Defensive buildable which heals nearby teammates over time. 
  • Light of Judgement - A powerful mirror which targets the nearest enemy and deals damage which scales up over time.


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